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RE: Art dump! - olli - 11-06-2013

scary theatre

RE: Art dump! - Metr - 11-06-2013

Nothing better than good film and tin love! :D

RE: Art dump! - olli - 11-07-2013

these soldier guys are taking the day off

RE: Art dump! - Kein - 11-10-2013

RE: Art dump! - D1G1T4L3CH0 - 11-10-2013

(11-10-2013, 12:01)Kein Wrote:

Heh. Olli's cat. Who did the video? I saw the cat in the current alpha by modifying the sceneIndex heh, but he's in a different location.

RE: Art dump! - olli - 11-11-2013

it's thomas' work. this isn't actually in the game, he was just mucking about:) the cat will be in there in some capacity though!

RE: Art dump! - olli - 11-29-2013

just mucking about a bit

RE: Art dump! - Metr - 11-29-2013

Hoho, so nice :ยท)

RE: Art dump! - olli - 11-29-2013

i have no idea how you'd see the difference between positive and negative charges on greenscale though

...or how the control scheme would work

RE: Art dump! - Edu - 11-29-2013

(11-29-2013, 19:40)olli Wrote: i have no idea how you'd see the difference between positive and negative charges on greenscale though

...or how the control scheme would work

Easy, predominantly green or white blocks for each polarity. About the control scheme, I think using the elbow could help.

RE: Art dump! - Metr - 11-29-2013

There were people that develop greenscale vision powers :D

I'm an Amstrad cpc 'fan' (an 8-bit computer I used to have in my childhood). I was lucky to have the colour monitor, but there was a green one.
I'm still trying to know how people could live with it, there were games like this one, were you should memorize in screen 10 the 'random' colour of the diamond, and in screen 36 you have a colour code. You had to choose the one that appeared in screen 10, if you do it bad you get a ticket for a killing screen, else you could continue to screen 37. It was so hard a) to figure you had to choose the colour of the diamond in screen 10 that seems just decorative. b) memorize it 26 screens. c) Choose the proper colour greenscaled :D


For the movement, D-pad for walking left, right, look up/down, A/B - Jump/use item, select-change polarity, start - menu/item selection (glove, cloak, staff) for example.

There's no excuse now!! =D

RE: Art dump! - olli - 11-29-2013

NES version:)

RE: Art dump! - Kein - 12-03-2013

I think even for NES that a bit too low in GFX :3

RE: Art dump! - Elektrikforever - 02-19-2014

Hi guys !
Well, I show the game to my girlfriend when I bought it and she loved it too, as much as I (and we finished it together ^^). She has made a fan-art, and I suggested her that I could show it there !

So here it is !


You can see it on full size on his DeviantArt (click here !)

Don't hesitate to tell what you think about (here or on DeviantArt), if it's here, I'll communicate her :)

By the way, we love to be able to see the artwork and concept art ! Some are wonderful :D Do you think we could see more ?

RE: Art dump! - olli - 02-21-2014

that is really cool, i love it!

RE: Art dump! - Strnadik - 05-16-2014

I made a Teslagrad fanart and I thought I'll just leave it here :)
[Image: teslagrad___the_final_battle_by_strnadik-d7ihcan.png]

RE: Art dump! - olli - 05-16-2014

Awesome!!! thank you very much!

RE: Art dump! - Harrel - 08-08-2017

(11-29-2013, 22:29)olli Wrote: NES :)

The NES version looks awesome!

RE: Art dump! - certsout - 03-19-2020

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