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RE: Art dump! - D1G1T4L3CH0 - 08-07-2013

Heh. It's all good. Just curious. ;)

RE: Art dump! - D1G1T4L3CH0 - 08-08-2013

Thought I would post up the old and new forum logos (don't have the in-game ones) for archival purposes... (I hope it's ok)



I personally liked the old logo a lot. It may take a little time to adjust to the new one... I do like the litle blinking red light animation in the game for the new one. I think the old one's font was easier to read, also it seems to fit the theme better. Just my opinion though. I love the new one too! :) It's sharper and more techy.

EDIT: Actually looking at them side by side, I like the new one more. :D

RE: Art dump! - olli - 08-08-2013

working on a rollup for conventions and shows, made a couple new desktop backgrounds in the process!

RE: Art dump! - D1G1T4L3CH0 - 08-08-2013

Sweet. *Applied to desktop.*

RE: Art dump! - Aslak - 08-30-2013

I've made a sculpt of the grue monster. Anyone want a print?


RE: Art dump! - olli - 09-03-2013

some infographics for use of the hood that we didn't find a spot for in the hood room

RE: Art dump! - olli - 09-03-2013

what if teslagrad was made for the NES?

RE: Art dump! - Metr - 09-03-2013

Haha, it would look awesome :)
It would be great to play it in NDS or PSP with all the power in your gloves! :D

RE: Art dump! - olli - 09-03-2013

a sketch of oleg, your recurring nemesis, at various ages

RE: Art dump! - olli - 09-03-2013

a paintover of a 3d model by aslak

RE: Art dump! - Aslak - 09-03-2013

Grue model rendered. Not for in-game use obviously :)


RE: Art dump! - olli - 09-03-2013

a couple of unused odds and ends

RE: Art dump! - D1G1T4L3CH0 - 09-03-2013

(09-03-2013, 14:34)Aslak Wrote: Grue model rendered. Not for in-game use obviously :)

(09-03-2013, 12:48)olli Wrote: a paintover of a 3d model by aslak
Looks great. Could be an actual 3d model to sit on your desk. I hope this isn't insulting, but I didn't realize until I saw that image that he has a resemblance to Pinocchio. hehe

RE: Art dump! - Lord Avallon - 09-04-2013

(09-03-2013, 12:25)olli Wrote: what if teslagrad was made for the NES?

Yes, and imagine playing it with this:


Only a very useless thing I noted, the Teslagrad character from the early version resembles one from another game called Treasure Island Adventure, a very fun platform game with pixelated graphics that had a HD version released not so long ago:


I love this section, I am an admirer of concept art and sketches, mainly from talented guys like you, keep posting things here please :)!

I liked the old logo, but I have to say the new one got even better!

RE: Art dump! - olli - 09-11-2013

my cat jens will be in there somewhere as an easter egg.

RE: Art dump! - Amland - 09-12-2013

Jens is so handsome!

RE: Art dump! - Edu - 09-23-2013



RE: Art dump! - Kein - 09-23-2013

I assume it says Teslagrad?

RE: Art dump! - Amland - 09-23-2013

No, it says "translators!". It's the picture used for the recent blog post, and doesn't appear in-game.

RE: Art dump! - olli - 10-01-2013

aslak and i are working together on the animation for the king

RE: Art dump! - Kein - 10-01-2013

THAT was unexpected. The crown-sword.

RE: Art dump! - Metr - 10-01-2013

It looks awesome! ^^

RE: Art dump! - D1G1T4L3CH0 - 10-01-2013

Looks great guys.

RE: Art dump! - olli - 10-10-2013

close to final king animation frames (scaled down a bit b/c of stupid gif limitations)
[Image: kingframes_test_3b.gif]

RE: Art dump! - Kein - 10-10-2013

Spoilers, man :<

RE: Art dump! - fredrik - 10-11-2013

I've added the a [spoiler] bbcode to the forum now.

RE: Art dump! - olli - 10-11-2013

sorry, i keep forgetting that its possible to spoil stuff, i just assume everyone else aslo knows everything that's going to happen in the game after spending so much time working on it myself:/

RE: Art dump! - gftg85 - 10-15-2013

I clicked on the link anyways!
Awesomeeeee! :D

RE: Art dump! - olli - 10-17-2013

elektropian tapestry

RE: Art dump! - Kein - 10-18-2013

Suddenly a minefield.