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Art dump! - olli - 05-15-2013

this is where we post various doodles and art from teslagrad!

i'll kick it off with a piece of rain/Krillbite comradery artwork (their awesome sound guy is also our awesome sound guy)

RE: Art dump! - Edu - 05-17-2013

Military parade.

RE: Art dump! - olli - 05-20-2013

[Image: reflection_animationgif.gif~original]
some new artwork

RE: Art dump! - olli - 05-28-2013

[Image: nikolaianimtest-1.gif]

early test animation for Nikolai, the leader of the king's guard

[Image: runningslide720b.gif]

old proof of concept vid for the visual style of the game. we dropped the running slide move once we realized that short range teleports were much more fun.

[Image: hovedperson-bukseseler-variants.jpg]

some preproduction artwork of potential equipment progression, from before we had locked down the kid's look and abilities completely.

[Image: teslatower-inggang-konseptanimasjon-lo.gif]
Tesla Tower started out more metallic sci-fi-ish, but we decided it should be built on top of older structures along the way

RE: Art dump! - Edu - 05-31-2013

A mechanic bird bringing exciting news

RE: Art dump! - Marte - 06-18-2013

Gruesome grues gruing around.

RE: Art dump! - olli - 06-18-2013

working on layout for ingame collectible cards that will give away some info about the world it takes place in

RE: Art dump! - Lord Avallon - 07-12-2013

I say your artwork is awesome olli, congratulations!

RE: Art dump! - olli - 07-15-2013

thank you very much!

here's some new bg artwork, a PR statue of the king with happy children (it would be nice to add a fountain of gold coins from his palm to theirs here, we'll se if that makes it in)

[Image: kingstatueimage_forum.png~original]

linux-themed desktop bg:)

comparison between early concept art and alpha screen:

[Image: concept_alpha_comparison.png~original]

comparison between early concept art and alpha screen:

RE: Art dump! - olli - 07-15-2013

picking up a late-level power-up

RE: Art dump! - olli - 07-15-2013

sprite optimization for super low resolutions

RE: Art dump! - SpiderIerusalem - 07-17-2013

here's some fanart

RE: Art dump! - olli - 07-18-2013

awesome!!!! i think that`s officially out first fanart:D

RE: Art dump! - Peter - 07-18-2013

Wow. I love the reinterpretation of the art :-).
I will take this one to Facebook.

RE: Art dump! - Edu - 07-18-2013

Loved that! Taken to twitter too <3

RE: Art dump! - olli - 07-23-2013

[Image: runampchase.gif]

[Image: transformingportraitb.gif]

RE: Art dump! - olli - 07-25-2013

here's the concept art for the very earliest parts of the tower. note that the field/voltwalker tutorial room is missing!

RE: Art dump! - olli - 07-25-2013

a very, early version of the main character, the king and the tower

RE: Art dump! - olli - 07-25-2013

the sketch that was the starting point for faradeus, the bird boss, a type of guardian that is left on the cutting room floor as we moved away from combat situations(i still like the design though) and another early design for the main character.

RE: Art dump! - olli - 07-25-2013

early, more flash gordon-inspired concepts for the king, followed by the sketch that lead to his current design

RE: Art dump! - D1G1T4L3CH0 - 07-25-2013

Awesome stuff Olli! :D I love to see this sort of thing. It's great. Makes me love the game even more.

RE: Art dump! - olli - 07-25-2013

thanks man! early concept art for the city and soldiers

RE: Art dump! - olli - 07-25-2013

screen from the very earliest playable prototype, two years ago... it looks like thomas was alone

RE: Art dump! - olli - 07-25-2013

early on, we were going to do the game in 320x240 resolution with pixel art, we made a single test chamber in that style. note the basic placeholder art for the character

RE: Art dump! - D1G1T4L3CH0 - 07-25-2013

Wow. So glad you guys went with higher resolution. :)

Also, I hope you guys don't mind, I used a small part of one of the above images in my avatar for the forum. Just let me know if you do, I'll change it back.

RE: Art dump! - olli - 07-25-2013

no problem, go ahead and use it!:)

RE: Art dump! - gftg85 - 07-26-2013

(07-25-2013, 13:07)D1G1T4L3CH0 Wrote: Wow. So glad you guys went with higher resolution. :)

So do I! :)
And I am glad that Olli started this thread. It enhances our testing experience!

RE: Art dump! - D1G1T4L3CH0 - 08-06-2013

I have a question. The glove is always supposed to be on the character's left hand right? Then why is it on his right hand in this image (I forgot now where the image came from, but I believe somewhere on this forum)?
Also, I noticed in one image above, it looks as if he has two differently colored gloves on... Is it the intention that he should be wearing a glove for positive and a glove for negative?

RE: Art dump! - fredrik - 08-06-2013

Good question!
As far as I know, this image is unique, and the character always wears the glove on his left hand.
We have noticed the mirroring of the image a while ago, but decided to keep it.

RE: Art dump! - Amland - 08-06-2013

Don't worry. You're simply watching a reflection, or at least that's our excuse for the compositional choice.