A quick look back.

For a competition a while ago we made a racer in an abstract world where the whole landscape warped and changed based on your speed. Staying low to the ground increases acceleration. This game ends up going really fast and is lots of fun, but unfortunately for us all the presentations ended up being made on an old computer. This killed the physics in our game, and our presentation ultimately crashed. The game was made in 10 days, so nothing was really stress-tested in any way.

We are still thinking of releasing it in some form someday, and we are very satisfied with what we could do with limited time and assets. It even looks great in my opinion. The choice of a style that lends itself well to repetition and tiling was crucial.

The airscape above is actually a reverse image of the pitch, so it too warps according to your speed. The overall effect is visually clear, yet psychedelic at the same time.

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