Exciting news! Girl Genius – Adventures In Castle Heterodyne is now on Backerkit!

Did you miss out on our successful Kickstarter campaign or do you want a higher tier reward? In Backerkit you can now choose from different tiers and purchase Add-ons to your Pledge tier. You can also pre-order items, for example a physical copy of the game for Nintendo Switch™.

Follow this link to support the Girl Genius – Adventures In Castle Heterodyne game development and get some nice stuff at the same time


This fantastic Artbook is an example of what you can add to your Pledge tier or pre-order!

As well as art produced during development, the Artbook will also contain a short story set in the Girl Genius™ universe, produced in full by Studio Foglio!

You can also pre-order a physical game copy for Nintendo Switch™ or PC. Neat!