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Environments from Teslagrad, pt. 6

The Tower’s basement areas might have had a floor plan at one point, when it was first built into the mountain.
However, the combination of limestone bricks left to the teeth of time and reappropriation of spaces to accommodate new technology has left it a rather surreal, confusing place.

Nature seems to have started reclaiming these rooms long ago, as moss and vines grow freely and roots that seem ancient and interconnected have made their way through many of the crumbling surfaces from somewhere high above.
As we make our way through gaps in walls, floors and ceilings by trial and error, we face what appears to have have served as a well at some point. It’s run dry now, its walls clad the aforementioned greenery.

Fearing what may lurk down there, we try to make our way across to the other side, only to be met by the gaze of a creature that seems to be half wolf, half cockroach, all eyes and all too tired of an vegetarian cave moss diet. Luckily there’s an electric field between us and it, keeping us exploring the insides of its belly… At least for the time being.

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