Desuras “Indie of the year” contest.

We just got on Desura, and apparently this is the time of year for their “Indie of the year” award. We don’t have a game out yet, not even a demo, but since we got automatically entered trough our Inide DB page, we might as well try to make the top 100.

In fact: If we make it that far, we might even manage to get a demo out before the contest is over. So please vote for us. Here is a convenient link


2012 Indie of the Year Awards via Indie DB


In other news we had a nice little round of press. Indiegamer and Eurogamer amongst others picked up on our Indie DB debut, and it seems people like the look of the game. We hope we can get similar coverage once we actually have something people can download.

One thought on “Desuras “Indie of the year” contest.”

  1. Well, for example, you can let go of keys and anuolgae sticks and you’ll just drift with no input. With mouse control you can’t do that, you’ll always pull towards where you’re pointing and it’s trickier to just drift about. I found that really annoying. There’s also nowhere to center’ the mouse-anuolgae stick, should it be the center of the screen or the star/planet? If it’s the center of the screen, it could be confusing as the player goes off-center, if it’s the player than the camera moving about could make you move in all kinds of different directions without moving the mouse differently.Another alternative is to make it so you have to hold a mouse button to pull towards something, but again I just found that annoying, especially since there aren’t enough free mouse buttons anymore to have all controls on the mouse, so I have to have some keys.A lot of thought has gone into mouse controls I can assure you, but everything I came up with just wasn’t anywhere near as good as keyboard, which personally I find fine and I haven’t had anyone complaining about it (except for here).

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