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Desura for testing

We have 8 Levels, 2 bossfights and some art assets left to build on Teslagrad before we are in pure bugfix and polish mode. This has made us focus more on the testing and eventual release.

Our goals for the game is to release it on Steam, Xbox live Arcade, and Playstation Network, but concrete deals are still pending. We may yet have to pass through Steams New and still quite scary Greenlight Project. In any case we would like to be available through as many different avenues as possible, and so we are giving Desura a try.

The main feature with the site that caught our eye is the possibility of running alpha testing through the site. With a great feature like that of course we also owe them a release on their system.

From the looks of it you can expect to see Teslagrad on sale on Desura in the future. It is already possible to read about the game on Indie DB that is run by the same group.

It is a bit shameful that we still only have the short ingame video that we made in all haste for IGF to show people. Making the game itself takes up most of our time, but we are pretty confident that we will be able to post a much stronger video before the end of the year.

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