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Teslagrad is part of Humble Jumbo Bundle 5, starting today!


The nice folks over at Humble are adding a second round of games to the lastest Jumbo Bundle, and we’re pleased to say that Teslagrad is one of the new featured games!!

We’ve always wanted to see the Teslakid drawn as one of those tiny little humble bundle characters, so we’re pleased to show off this:


We’re joining an impressive bundle of titles like Spintires, Divinity: Dragon Commander, Insurgency, Men of War: Assault Squad GOTY, Abyss Odyssey(Two Pack!),Contagion(Four Pack!), Blackguards 1 & 2, Citizens of Earth, Euro Truck Simulator 2 and A Story About My Uncle, so there’s no reason not to head over to the main Humble Bundle site to check it out!

Teslagrad is free with PlayStation Plus this month!


Great news everyone!

Teslagrad has the honor of being one of September’s free PS+ offerings, which means that PS+ members gets the PS3 and PS4 version as part of their Instant Game Collection! We hope this means that a lot of people who may not otherwise have played Teslagrad gets a chance to fall in love with it. Check out the rest of September’s PS+ offerings, including Xeodrifter, Super Time Force Ultra, La Mulana, Grow Home, Driveclub and Twisted Metal!

Playstation blog

Runbow is out today, guest starring the the Teslagrad kid!


Congrats to our friends at 13AM games on the US launch of Runbow, an amazing 9-player multiplayer platforming racer!
Our Teslamancer kid is one of several “nindie” (that’s nintendo+indie) guest characters, standing shoulder to shoulder with Shovel Knight, Juan & Tostada from Guacamelee, Gunvolt, Hyper Light Drifter, Max from Mutant Mudds, and a score of others, which makes us super happy.

The game is getting insanely good reviews everywher (mostly in the 9-9.5/10 range!!) so go pick it up today if you can!

It’ll be out in Europe as well sometime in September.

Teslagrad is everywhere!


It’s been a while since our last update, but that’s because we’ve kept busy!

The Last Teslamancer, (aka “the teslagrad kid”) has taken some time off from us for the summer and so, he’s appearing in the roster of two really excellent ensemble indie games!

first out we have the platforming racer Runbow For Wii U, which has the distinction of being the first ever 9 player (!) local multiplayer game ever made and features an impressive roster of nindie characters such as Shovel Knight, Juan & Tostada of Guacamelee fame, Shovel Knight, Rusty from SteamWorld Dig, Swift Thornebrooke (Sportsball), Scram Kitty (Scram Kitty and his Buddy on Rails), Bit.Trip’s CommanderVideo & CommandgirlVideo, Gunvolt from Azure Striker Gunvolt, Clone from Stealth Inc, ARID from The Fall, Xeodrifter from Xeodrifter, Princess from Chariot, Max from Mutant Mudds, Drifter from Hyper Light Drifter, and Unity Chan (Unity Japan’s mascot character) alongside the Teslagrad kid. phew!

check out the trailer, and be sure to follow developers @13amgames on twitter and on their homepage!

We’re also joining Super Indie Karts GP, a supremely fun kart racer courrently in early access on PC and Ouya (and who knows where else it might pop up down the line!).

The Teslagrad kid wil be chucking pineapples and doing long jumps alongside characters from Canabalt, Duck Game, Whispering Willows, Fist Of Awesome, Read Only Memories, Lobodestroyo – Canabalt, So Many Me, Toto Temple Deluxe, Aegis Defenders, Adventures Of Pip, Gentlemen Ricochet, A.R.E.S., Holobunnies, Clive’N’Wrench, Shutshimi, CrossCode, Power Drive 2000, Indie Assault, and many more to come-

We even get our very own Teslagrad-themed race track, as you can see in this trailer!

It’s a supremely fun game, so we really recommend checking it out on steam!

official site/dev blog: and one legged seagull on twitter

Teslagrad, now also available on Wii U in Japan!

Teslagrad is already out for PS3 and PS4 in Japan courtesy of our friends at Square Enix, but we’re happy to say that thanks to Unity Japan and Kakehashi games, We’ve also been able to release it on Wii U overseas! It feels great to see it sitting on the eShop landing page next to huge titles like Xenoblade X!


nintendo’s japanese teslagrad page
unity japan
kakehashi games

Ancient history!

During the move we recovered a couple folders of notes and scribbles from very early in Teslagrad’s development, here’s a look at a couple of nuggets:

an excerpt from the initial script outline for Teslagrad’s story! This changed a lot as we decided to do completely nonverbal storytelling, so in the end a lot of nuance was cut in favour of more instinctively understandable/ archetype based story beats. A lot of the story work in teslagrad was “how much can we cut/streamline this to make it more understandable without losing the flavour” rather than “how much of the story can we cram in before people get impatient”.
In the end, the amount of behind the scenes, not explicitly stated stuff probably made the ingame world feel richer and more expansive than it would have otherwise!


Early sketches of the king, complete with a list of design inspirations. his outfit was a lot more flash gordon-esque here!