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Olli, our main artist, recently made a picture of Jørn, our music guy. It so happens that Jørn was already a fan of Olli’s Threadless t-shirts, and felt honoured. As a testament to this (and apparent abundant spare time) the following karaoke clip was created as a homage to Olli, old video games, and the ancient art of translating the lyrics back and forth from Japanese with Google Translate!


Hypodermius held a small contest for best two animals to combine into a new species on his facebook page. Hanna Harms won by suggesting the combination of a tortoise and a gorilla. So: meet the Tort-illa!

Minute Mayhem: Arcade Version?

Some more retro style artwork for you all from our artist Olli.

It so happens that our main programmer, Stefan, along with a few others built a brand new arcade machine from scratch. This is not the one, unfortunately. It ran a whole range of neat old games, but no Minute Mayhem.

But it got us thinking…


The menu systems are being implemented in the game now. This gets us closer to a version we can show you guys! Animating cogs and looking at fonts at the moment. Maybe it will end up nothing like this. Maybe just exactly like this. Time will tell.

Mesmers and Mindsculpting

The Mesmerian art of mindsculpting is the one with the least root in the Old Empire. Many still discredit it for being a “Pseudo science”, based on among other things that it is completely derivative from other sciences and that it is poorly defined because it encompasses any and all ways of altering a person’s mind. The mere thought that manipulation and beauty could be considered part of a scientific method gets up the noses of many more traditional Scientists.

Of course, the aforementioned methods are only the most crude tools any true mindsculptor has at his disposal. In addition, there is the chemical alteration of consciousness, sound induced trance*, and its own special discipline of hypnosis. But all these things are but the tools of the artist. Rather, the Mesmerians measure success not only by result, but also style and technique.

*(derived from the older Mesmerian tradition of Sonic manipulation, their true heritage from the Croman Empire. Sadly largely discontinued in this day and age.)

The Teslamancer in all his electrifying glory

The continent of Croma is far more diverse than we would ever have time to explore trough the course of Minute Mayhem. One part of this is the illusive order of the Teslamancers.

The Teslamancers are in this day and age an elite force fighting for Electropia, and doing so mostly in the shadows. In fact, their show of prowess in the Mayhem tournament is the only chance most people will ever get of seeing a Teslamancer in action, and most who meet them outside of these events don’t live to tell the tale.

The order was formed by the scientist whose family name they bear, a man both famous and infamous trough Elektropian history. It is still perceived as a mystified techno-cult, employing operatives skilled in both the mystical technology they use, as well as stealth and other forms of combat.

Why the name Croma

The continent in Minute Mayhem where it all happens is called Croma. Why? History, that’s why.

More than a thousand years ago, the first great nation of technology conquered what was then little more than barbaric, illiterate tribes. This nation brought the methodology of science with them, and when the empire finally collapsed the name on the part of the world they had once ruled stayed behind. Amongst the great noble families of the world, and in several secret orders, it is claimed that their origin stretches all the way back to the great Empire. The truth of these matters is hard to discern today, and most commoners don’t quite see why it would matter anyway.

The Empire sprawled from the city-state of Crome, and it was known as the Croman Empire.

Electropia Symbol

The Electropia post didn’t contain the nation’s symbol, so I thought that should be remedied. For those of you reading this blog from the top: The rest of the Electropia article is about a full page further down.

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