Teslagrad joins The Wii U eshop Indie Connection Sale this week!



We’ve joined forces with the makers of SteamWorld Dig, Chasing Aurora, Swords And Soldiers, Guacamelee and Bit. Trip Runner 2 for a joint promotion on the Wii U eshop!

If you own any of the above games, you’ll be eligible for a special discount on the same system with your NNID beginning January 15. The promotional sale ends on January 29 for all participating games.

EU prices:
BIT.TRIP Presents: Runner 2 Future Legend of Rhythm Alien – Gaijin Games, €4.79 / £3.99 (usually €11.99 / £9.99)
Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition – Drinkbox Studio, €5.59 / £4.79 (usually €13.99 / £11.99)
Chasing Aurora – Broken Rules, €2.79 / £2.39 (usually €6.99 / £5.99)
SteamWorld Dig – Image & Form, €3.59 / £2.79 (usually €8.99 / £6.99)
Teslagrad – Rain Games, €5.99 / £5.59 (usually €14.99 / £13.99)
Swords & Soldiers – Two Tribes, €1.19 / £1.07 (usually €2.99 / £2.69)

Seasons greetings!


The Rain dev crew are taking a break for the holidays to enjoy some good old fashioned quality time with family, friends and unhealthy traditional food!

We hope all of you get excactly what you want for christmas!

If you need a last minute gift for that special someone you’ve forgotten until now, the pc/mac/linux version of teslagrad is still really cheap in the steam winter sale!
get it here!

It’s the one year anniversary of Teslagrad’s PC release!

One year ago, on Friday the 13th, right in the middle of a steam sale, we launched Teslagrad after several years of hard work.

A big thanks to all of those who have bought it since and thereby helped us survive while porting it to Wii U, Playstation 3, Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita.

The entire Rain Games Team is gathering today for a traditional norwegian pre-xmas feast of Crispy roasted pork, mutton ribs, sausage, sauerkraut, rutabaga stew and Risalamande to celebrate,
We’ll raise a toast to all of you when we do!


Teslagrad is available digitally everywhere in the western world right now for PC and Wii U,
and in all of Europe for Playstation 3 and Playstation 4.
Boxed edition is available in Spain, France, Italy and Germany right now,
and it’s coming to The rest of Europe and America early next year-
We’re really looking forward to the launch!

Perhaps we’ll make it to other platforms down the line if it does well, who knows?

Teslagrad, soon in stores! The kind of stores that you can walk into!


(Professor Farnsworth voice) Good news, everyone!
Major announcement, written by someone who’s not used to doing PR!

Gather round, let us tell you a tale of joy, mystery and plastic discs that gleam in in the night-

Thanks to our partnership with the nice folks at Soedesco,
Teslagrad wil be getting be getting a PHYSICAL RELEASES(!!!) on PlayStation 4™, PlayStation 3™, PlayStation Vita™, Wii U™ and PC
from December 3 onwards.

Now, the timeline is kind of complicated, so allow us to do this in steps:

Dec 3: the digital edition of Teslagrad for PlayStation 3™ and PlayStation 4™ will be available on PlayStation®Store all over Europe!
Select European countries (France, Italy, Spain, Germany) will be getting a head start on the physical release for PlayStation 3™, PlayStation 4™ and PC on this date as well.

Early 2015: Digital release on PlayStation 3™, PlayStation 4™, physical release on PlayStation 4™, PlayStation 3™, Wii U™ and PC in all western territories.

Also 2015, but not necessarily at the same time as the other platforms: Simultaneous physical/digital release on PlayStation Vita™!

Was that understandable?

more info over at http://www.soedesco.com/en/news/soedesco-and-rain-games-are-releasing-teslagrad-on-december-3rd-for-playstation-4-and-playstation-3

you can click on this tiny little image to summon a prettier summary:

Let’s go Wii U: Teslagrad available on eShop September 11th



Finally, the job is done. We ‘re really excited to announce the final (for real) release date for Teslagrad on Wii U! Write down, our little teslaboy is going to be waiting for you all September 11th, both in Europe and North America. It’s going to be the first time for our game to hit consoles, but hey, not the last. Perhaps you’re still waiting for the PlayStation 3 version, right? Then do not despair, because we can positively confirm that our teslaboy will be magnetizing things on PS3 this September too! We’ll give you the date as soon as it’s 100% confirmed. Ah, by the way. Remember that SOEDESCO is preparing a retail, phyisical version? They want you to pick the box art, don’t forget to drop by their Facebook and make your vote count.

Runes & scrolls: Teslagrad translation process launched!

Translators Come Forth!

This is going full steam(punk), friends!

With the Greenlight thing achieved and our progressions letting us hit more and more milestones in Teslagrad’s development, new challenges show up. The game is virtually done, with almost every level, environment, secret and boss fight polished and put on its correct place. Jubilations! As aforementioned, it’s time to focus on some important details. At this time most of you know that Teslagrad is basicly a silent game, relying on visuals in order to narrate the simple (yet complex) story that you are going to discover soon. Nevertheless, we still have some text over there (menus, chapter names, basic interface, and so on) as well as the handy dandy instruction manuals. Yes, we are those kind of sentimentals yet worrying about instruction manuals. So, at this stage and considering the nature of the job, we’d like to entrust such an important task to our community again. In fact, you’ve been the ones who allowed us to go through the Greenlight and reach Steam, and also community proved as the best possible alpha testers, helping us hugely with the Linux build bugfixing, adding as well great feedback, and meta-improving the improvements queue.

To sum up: We have some small text that should be translated, around 150 words in-game text, and a fistful more words on the instruction manuals (not finished yet, around 500-600 words). And you can help us contributing to Teslagrad with your language talents! We’ve made a selection of languages which are specially important (for many reasons beyond the language itself) regarding the release. This is it:

Mandatory languages (required for some releases): English, Norwegian, French, Japanese.

Optional languages (strongly recommended): Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, German, Russian, Italian, Polish

Other languages (not so necessary, but easy implementation featuring Unity): Hungarian, Arabic, Dutch, Greek, Afrikaans, Basque, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Czech, Danish, Estonian, Faroese, Finnish, Hebrew, Icelandic, Indonesian, Latvian,
Lithuanian, Romanian, Serbocroatian, Slovak, Slovenian, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian

Of course we managed to make some translations by ourselves, and in any event, you can check the updated status on every language here, in the Magical Translation Shared Document:


Aaaaaaand most likely you’re wondering about the task difficulty, aren’t you? Fortunately it’s pretty simple. Either with a simple text editor or using Unity (free), the technical aspects of translation are literally a piece of cake. Then, would you like to take part on the translation process?

As usual, just write us to eduardo@rain-games.com or marte@rain-games.com with the following info:

– Name
– Brief presentation
– First language
– Additional languages (if any)
– Language(s) that you want to translate
– Previous translation experience (if any)

We’ll reach you out as soon as possible, give you additional details and guide you through the whole process. Let’s dance! And of course thanks a million :D.

Edit: We’re getting a lot of requests, thank you! That said, and as many of you asked, you’ll be rewarded too. Concretely, all of those chosen to take part on the translation will have a free Teslagrad digital copy (once released), a document accrediting the participation, and special thanks on credits.

The Teslagrad demo is here!


Friends, the moment we have been waiting for is finally here. We are incredibly proud to present to you the first official playable demo of Teslagrad!

Download the demo from Desura here!

Take on the role of the Teslamancer in his quest to reveal the great injustice that caused him to be the last of his kind. Join him as his path takes him into the forbidden depths of Tesla Tower, defeat all challenges that stand in your way, and meet the first major adversary the Tower has to offer, the giant mechanical mega-muncher, Fernus.

Teslagrad offers the first glimpse into the completely original world of Chroma, with an emphasis on one of its four major civilisations, Elektropia. Delve deep into the history that lead to the nation’s current state as a society ruled by fear and a despotic king.


  • Innovative puzzle-solving using the power of magnetism and fully functional physics!
  • Exquisite hand-drawn 2D environments that shower you in atmosphere!
  • 100% visual storytelling with a sinister plot where you stand in the center of it all!
  • Explore the vast reaches of the Tower to discover even trickier puzzles and forgotten secrets!

That’s right! We’re hosting a competition! Do you think you can beat the demo with a time that will shock and amaze us? We think you can! And if you get the best time, you get to not only bask in the glory of your accomplishment, you can also also win a unique, lovingly awesome CD with Teslagrad’s Soundtrack by Jørn Lavoll. And with unique, we mean UNIQUE. Find out how!


I.- You are eligible for entry to the contest if you can beat the demo and find the 9 hidden secrets on a decent time, between August 19th and September 19th 23:59 CEST.
II.- No game loading allowed, the run has to be done in a single playthrough. You can die as many times you want (and most likely you will) but it’s not recommended either.
III.-There are 9 secret scrolls which must be found before reaching the end of the demo (which is the cutscene at the First Theater).
IV.- At the end of the demo a scoring screen is shown. It will show your time, the number of secrets found, and a unique code. Write down all this information as this is effectively your entry to the contest. An example is given below.

contest screen

Please note: Due to an issue with print screen and Unity, print screening the end screen in full screen mode will likely not work. If you wish to take a screenshot, please do so in windowed mode or use a third party program, such as FRAPS.

V.- We encourage you to upload videos (YouTube) of your performance. We will really enjoy your attempts if you’d be kind enough to share them with us. Private videos are allowed, although we prefer to share our inspiring videos with the community. Let us know!
VI.- No glitches nor alterations to the game of any kind are accepted. Fair play, ladies and gentlemen.
VII.- The fastest time wins. In case there’s a draw, the result provable with a video will be the winner. (Hint: record videos!).
VIII.- Prize: A unique, Original Soundtrack of Teslagrad signed by the Rain Games team is waiting for the winner, as well as a digital copy of the game once it’s done.

Teslagrad Soundtrack by Jorn Lavoll

IX.- Contact details

Submissions have to be sent to marte@rain-games.com with all the following details.

Transcribed code
*Final screenshot (optional, note the potential issue in IV)

Make sure to label your email “Teslagrad Speedrun Contest.”

X.- Have fun out there!

Your feedback is important to us!

Once you’ve played through the demo, we would love to hear from you. Did you like it? Not so much? Good! Because we have an extremely useful forum on which we will be pleased to talk to you.

No matter if your experience was positive or negative, please don’t hesitate to use the forum, this entry or our contact form to bring your thoughts to our attention.

Thank you for downloading, and happy puzzle-solving to all of you!

Teslagrad heading to PAX Prime 2013!

Hey there friends!

We’re having fun enough with Teslagrad’s development, but everything could be improved, heh. In other words: PAX Prime, here we go! Part of the Rain Games team will be donning gauntlets, magnetizing Teslagrad new playable builds and leaving the Old World in order to bring a piece of our Elektropian universe to Seattle. What the heck, Elektropia itself!

As most of you know PAX is the acronym for Penny Arcade Expo, a thrice-yearly event where thousands of videogame fans, tabletop evangelists and all kind of amusing people gather in order to share their passion for gaming, noise and fun. A cool gang also including videogame creators. cosplayers, musicians… from Nintendo to Cellar Door Games, every year the PAX stands as one of the most important events on worldwide gaming. Specially for small teams like us.


Just to give some examples, PAX 2010 showcased games like Super Meat Boy, Bastion or Retro City Rampage. One year later, people were amazed by the outstanding Fez, the nowadays highly successful Antichamber or the addictive and frenzy Jamestown (personally one of my favourite shmups EVER).

Now we’re joining the party, and it will be a pleasure to take a new and fresh build of Teslagrad with us. So regardless of whether you’ve tried the game or not, new secrets and more nooks of the Tesla Tower will be waiting for you to discover them, with the immense advantage of having a Rain Gamer to tell you more. What a bargain! And hey, be sure not to miss Owlboy, the game in development by our friends from D-Pad studio, which will be playable too. And of course, congratulations to them and all the fellow indies selected for the PAX 10!





One last push

No less than 80 days have passed since we decided to get into Greenlight. It’s been (it’s still being) quite a ride. Three years after Peter and Ollie outlined for the very first time the core for the game, what Verne wrote seems to be true: eighty days are more than enough to travel around the world, even if (as far as I know) we haven’t used any new railway in India. As for Indies… well, maybe!


We have been featured in more than 300 podcast, international videogame sites, youtube great channels, tiny personal blogs, or even local media. WOW. Every ambitious project as its milestones, and the long path along which we are creating Teslagrad—and, at the same time, being accompanied by the aforesaid— is about to meet a new goal. But let me explain, no rushes. As you already know, Valve’s valve opens from time to time, and recently a new batch of games have been approved, taking positions on the frontline that heads to Steam. Yes, the distributor, store and sanctuary of the Introduce-Word-Here Sales jeopardizing our wallets. We’d like to take the occasion to congratulate our friends on Krillbite Studio, which are part of the new batch of greenlit games thanks to Among The Sleep, an outstanding first person horror adventure which will turn all of us into crybabies again (literally). That’s a great news itself! But the Teslagrad Makers Traveling Circus has something to celebrate too: we are now on top #12 (and climbing), which means that we could be following them pretty soon. BRAVO!

A lot of good news, as all of you, our dear Teslamancers to be, are able to see. In point of fact, the whole Rain Games team wants you to be closer than ever. You, who have celebrated with us each one of our successes. You who gave us your unvaluable feedback, who joke with us on twitter. You who are testing the Teslagrad alpha side by side with us (again THANKS, you’re awesome). Its one final push to have the door to Steam opened, and we don’t want you to miss it. So a really good way to do your bit is to upvote and share our Greenlight project (fortunately we won’t be saying this again soon, lol!) and, above all, stay tuned. The next months will be incredibly exciting for the Rain Games crew. Hope it is for all of you too :D.

Do the Wii U-dance.


Today yet another step in our journey has been completed, and we are pleased to announce that Teslagrad is coming to the Wii U! Yes indeed, folks, that brings us up to a total of five platforms, and our quest to give everyone a stellar gaming experience has taken yet another step in the right direction.

The Wii U offers many possibilities to do some nifty things, and while nothing is set in stone yet, we definitely are looking actively into how to best utilise that which the Wii U offers. Something like this, perhaps?


Our journey is not done, and as usual, our Greenlight submission is still plugging along. If you haven’t yet, please take a look and consider giving us your vote, and once again, we have to direct a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has followed us. We couldn’t have done this without you, and we appreciate your continued enthusiasm for Teslagrad in all its forms! Jubilations!