Summer Sales and Made With Unity

teslagrad_promo_DEALSwithgold_facebookYour shipment of Rain news has arrived!

If you’ve been waiting for the Steam Summer Sale like a godsend, then you know for sure that it’s live since the 23rd of June, until the 4th of July. And yep, Teslagrad is part of it: our game is 75% off, so you can add it to your library for barely a couple of bucks. Just click here and let Steam do the magic.

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Digital Teslagrad US PlayStation 3 and 4 release is imminent!


Exploration platformer enthusiasts in Europe and Japan have been able to enjoy Teslagrad for a while now, so it’s high time we make an announcement about the US release!
After a lot of shuffling about, we’re happy to say we’ve finally locked down Teslagrad’s debut date on the US PlayStation Store!

The PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 digital versions will arrive on April 14, so put aside $14.99 for the occasion!

Soedesco, our trusty publisher for the disc versions, is still sorting out the dates for the Physical US release, so the release window for PS3/PS4/Wii U disc versions remains a tentative Q2. We’ll make sure to post an update when we know more!
In addition, we’re hard at work on making the PlayStation Vita version perform as smoothly as the console versions.
Since we’re a small team and it’s still in active development, the vita release window is currently “when it’s done”. thanks for your patience!

Teslagrad, now also available on Wii U in Japan!

Teslagrad is already out for PS3 and PS4 in Japan courtesy of our friends at Square Enix, but we’re happy to say that thanks to Unity Japan and Kakehashi games, We’ve also been able to release it on Wii U overseas! It feels great to see it sitting on the eShop landing page next to huge titles like Xenoblade X!


nintendo’s japanese teslagrad page
unity japan
kakehashi games

Upgrade complete!

Today is another milestone, not just for us here at Rain, but for Bergen’s gaming scene as a whole. Today, we moved from the cramped office that has been our base of operations since we first started, into the fantastic new Bergen Game Collective!

We share our office with our good buddies BitSquad, Henchman & Goon/Goontech and Retrogene. This is a pretty strong start and we’re very excited to be involved in this new step in the Bergen gaming scene. Stay tuned for more updates from us!

Teslagrad has been released in Japan!


We’re happy to announce that our game Teslagrad is available digitally in Japan from today, February 18, 2015!
Thank you to our partners Square Enix (PlayStation platforms) and Unity Japan/Kakehashi Games (Nintendo Wii U/PC), who have worked diligently to bring Teslagrad to their shores.
Without them, far fewer people would be able to discover the world of teslagrad, and we’re very happy to recieve such great support.

We’ve updated the japanese translation of the PC version to ensure the best possible experience for customers in Japan. To all of our potential new players, hope you’ll have fun!

Square Enix Homepage

Environments from Teslagrad, pt. 3

As we venture deeper into the castle that form the foundation of Teslagrad’s hulking tower, we see that beyond the partial renovations seen in the previous post, things are in quite a state of disrepair.

Though whoever was here before is long gone, they’ve left the power running throughout the tower.
Plating emitting strong magnetic forces and diodes emitting deadly arcs of electricity have been placed haphazardly in this musty room, perhaps as a desperate measure to fend off the intruders- If we look closely at the crumling brick wall in the background, we can see the faint outline of a human figure turned to ash.


Tiny multipurpose robots (“voltwalkers”) appear from a protruding pipe at regular interwalls. These provide people and objects with a strong electromagnetic charge.
This can be useful for transportation and acrobatics in conjuction with the strong magnetic fields present in the tower- provided they’re not used in too close proximity to deadly arcs of electricity, of course.

Moving forward, we come across a section of the tower that’s been crudely retrofitted to accomodate some kind of giant machinery. Intertwined with the pipe system and seemingly stretching far beyond this simple chamber, it likely fills nooks and crannies throughout the tower. An endless row of voltwalkers clatter over plates charging electromagnetic boxes, switching their polarity to drive an array of pistons before disappearing back into the darkness of the pipes.

Part 2
Part 1