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Indie Connection Sale: Group Photo!

Super Indie Connection Sale!

We took the liberty of combining all of the previous Indie Connection fanart into a group photo, Here’s everyone hanging with Teslagrad Kid!

Remember, If you have any one of these games on Wii U, all of the others are 60% off until Jan 22!

(For Teslagrad, that means a very reasonable price point of $5.99 down from the regular $14.99, so now is the time if you haven’t picked it up yet!)

Super Indie Connection 2 Trailer!

Here’s the final trailer showing off all the games taking part in the Super Indie Connection event.
Remember, if you’ve got the Wii U version of teslagrad, the rest of these games are all 60% off (and vice versa) on the Wii U eshop!

Also, HERE‘s Nintendo’s own page for the promotion!

Again, here’s the facts:

if you buy, or already own, one of these games, you can get the other games for 60% off. Ends January 29th, 2015!

Teslagrad – €5.99/ £5.59/$5.99 (Regular Price €14.99/ £13.99/$14.99)
BIT.TRIP Presents… Runner 2 – €4.79/£3.99/$4.79 (Regular price: €11.99/£9.99/$11.99)
Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition – €5.59/£4.79/$5.59. (Regular price: €13.99/£11.99/$13.99)
Chasing Aurora – €2.79/£2.39/$2.79 (Regular price: €6.99/£5.99/$6.99)
SteamWorld Dig – €3.59/£2.79/$3.59 (Regular price: €8.99/£6.99/$8.99)
Swords & Soldiers – €1.19/£1.07/$1.19 (Regular price: €2.99/£2.69/$2.99)

Fanart for our Indie Connections, Part 5: SteamWorld Dig


Last, but not least, the final piece of Indie Connection fanart is Rusty from Image & Form’s excellent SteamWorld Dig. Looks like he’s stumbled over the skull of a certain bird boss from Teslagrad here! (Also, on the note of Teslagrad/Steamworld Dig crossovers: I’m fairly certain Rusty must be a distant relative of Fernus. That strong jawline! Those handsome, glassy eyes! That fiery furnace in his belly!)

Wii U eshop link