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Mesmer launch today!

After 3 long years we are finally releasing Mesmer on Steam, GoG and Utomic!

When you read this, Mesmer should already be for sale here:

To celebrate this, we are asking you all to send your screenshots to us on Twitter. Let’s see all the crazy situations you manage to get yourself into!
Answer to this tweet to make sure that everyone sees them:

We wish you all happy gaming!

Moving around Mesmer

Moving around your own home city should be no hassle, but in order to quell the rebellion, the king has decreed the city to be split into 6 districts, and only those that have good reason are allowed to move between them.

In the game, every citizen has a pass. It gets stamped by the police for every district where you are allowed access.

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The powers that be

Of course, like any other ruler, the King of Mesmer isn’t just going to let some revolution happen on his watch! And there are those under his rule that are also quite comfortable with things just the way they are. Let’s take a quick look at the social organization in Mesmer.

For the people, the king and his ancestors have ruled this land for as long as anyone can remember. Well, at least since those bad old barbarian days, and no one wants to go back to that!

But… There are also some more recent developments to the pyramid of power.

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Swaying others

There are those in life who are just way better than others at making people do what they want. But how to express this in games?  Today I will go through how we have done this in Mesmer.

Resources and influence are the core of Mesmer, so for us, this system is very central. I will go into the process of swaying individuals today. Swaying the masses is an entirely different animal that I will get back to some other day.

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What is Mesmer? A step forward for Rain Games

Hi everyone. My name is Peter. I am project lead on Rain Games new game, Mesmer. I am also the game designer for the project.

With Mesmer it occured to me that over the last one and a half year, we have been working on and building a lot of things that as far as I know have no equivalent in other games. Perhaps this is something that people would be interested in knowing more about?

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Teslagrad to PlayStation 3











It is a big step for a small Indie company to leave the safe playground of PC gaming, and go out into the big- boy company arena of consoles.
We are happy to announce that Teslagrad is coming out for the PlayStation®3!
Like our general release we are aiming for this fall.

It has been pretty clear to us that Sony is doing it’s best to make us, and probably other indies too, feel welcome on their platforms.
We are glad we are using Unity as a game engine because this allows us a great flexibility in porting the game to different platforms, and we might have some other exciting news for you in the near future.

In other news we are doing really well on Greenlight. We just got up to 90th place today in total yes votes ever, joining company where many have been on the list for a long time. We will still need about twice as many votes to have a chance of getting greenlit, so we hope we keep enough wind in our sales to stand the race to the finish.

GDC 2013 Report

We have arrived at GDC, and had a great first day. It´s gone by quickly with meetings. The main expo is still being built but we will be ready to show our game at the nordic pavillion tomorrow.

me, posing in front of the soon to be finished expo floor.
Peter, posing in front of the soon to be finished expo floor.

GDC is a huge convention, and we where a bit overwhelmed at the start, but after struggeling a bit with the registration and studying some floor plans, we have a pretty good idea of where everything is.

Consulting the internet for meeting locations. Lucky for us that GDC has more wifi hotspots than you can shake a stick at
Consulting the internet for meeting locations. Lucky for us that GDC has more wifi hotspots than you can shake a stick at

Desuras “Indie of the year” contest.

We just got on Desura, and apparently this is the time of year for their “Indie of the year” award. We don’t have a game out yet, not even a demo, but since we got automatically entered trough our Inide DB page, we might as well try to make the top 100.

In fact: If we make it that far, we might even manage to get a demo out before the contest is over. So please vote for us. Here is a convenient link


2012 Indie of the Year Awards via Indie DB


In other news we had a nice little round of press. Indiegamer and Eurogamer amongst others picked up on our Indie DB debut, and it seems people like the look of the game. We hope we can get similar coverage once we actually have something people can download.