Upgrade complete!

Today is another milestone, not just for us here at Rain, but for Bergen’s gaming scene as a whole. Today, we moved from the cramped office that has been our base of operations since we first started, into the fantastic new Bergen Game Collective!

We share our office with our good buddies BitSquad, Henchman & Goon/Goontech and Retrogene. This is a pretty strong start and we’re very excited to be involved in this new step in the Bergen gaming scene. Stay tuned for more updates from us!

Linux alpha build!


One of the things we decided very early on was to bring Teslagrad to as many platforms as we could. Gamers come in lots of different shapes and sizes, with lots of different preferences as to how they want to play their games. Even here at the office we have a lot of different views on gaming.

So, of course, a version of Teslagrad for Linux is something we have been wanting to do for a long time, and finally, we have an alpha build ready for testing. So without further ado, let’s just cover what this alpha contains!

Take on the role as a young man who finds himself thrown into an ancient conspiracy. Explore the forgotten Tesla Tower and uncover technology long since lost to the masses. Use your newfound tools to traverse the treacherous tower and its dastardly traps and fiendish inhabitants.


  • Innovative puzzle-solving using the power of magnetism and fully functional physics!
  • Exquisite hand-drawn 2D environments that shower you in atmosphere!
  • 100% visual storytelling with a sinister plot where you stand in the center of it all!
  • Explore the vast reaches of the Tower to discover even trickier puzzles and forgotten secrets!

This is a completely fresh build, and it sadly is largely untested as our Linux testing capabilities are somewhat limited at the office. That is why we need you, faithful Linux friends, to test the hell out of this version, and help us make this version great.

If you have any additional comments or questions that you feel are not suitable for the bug-reporting system, please feel free to mail eduardo@rain-games.com


GDC 2013!

We are pleased to announce that Rain Games will be present at GDC 2013!

gdc13_logoWe will be a part of the Nordic Pavilion booth, along with RockPocket Games, Hyper, Krillbite Studios, Red Thread and a whole bunch of other awesome people from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland. The booth number is 1432 if you want to stop by and see some great things from some great Nordic developers. We will of course have a Teslagrad-build on-hand for you cool people to try.

We hope to see you guys there!

Dark Rain

Dark Rain is a metroidvania style platformer that started development summer 2011. It has recieved funding from the Norwegian Film Institute.

Dark Rain is set in the same world and setting as Minute Mayhem


Dark Rain has received a 400.000 kr ($70.000) grant from the Norwegian Film Association. This really matters, as we now have all the money we need to finish the game.

I am really sorry that you don’t get any pretty pictures in these and a few of the previous posts, but here is a finely crafted link! Enjoy!

Birdsong from a book in a tumbledryer

We at Rain Games have a presence in a lot of different Internet media. In an attempt to make it a bit more interconnected, this Tumblr account has now been linked to the Twitter account @rain_games, that has further been linked to the Rain Games Facebook page.

This post is the first to tumble down this pipeline as a test. Let us see if it works out, and hopefully some of you at our other media outlets will in time feel a bit more informed.