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Like a phoenix…

As mentioned in a previous post by Peter, one of our WordPress plugins were accessed by a malicious third party, and as a result our webpage suddenly went from video games to religious propaganda.

That is obviously not our aim and we were thankfully able to restore it to its former glory. And indeed, from the ashes of the hacking a new and updated webpage has risen, with an update to our Projects-page to now better reflect what we are actually working on, and the About-page.

I should probably also introduce myself, as I’m new! I’m Marte and I will be focusing on the written aspect of Rain Games, which will involve both the actual writing of the games themselves and communicating with you guys through this blog. Peter is a busy man as you all know, and to help plug the gap between updates, I’ll be helping out. Which will hopefully mean more awesome content for you guys to check out.

And in the interest of bringing you this awesome content, I will be posting an interview with Peter himself and possibly some of the other guys in our development team, where we will discuss not only Rain itself, but also current (and perhaps upcoming…) projects.

So stay tuned, my fellow game enthusiasts!

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