A tight spot

As far out from the city centre as we are, the gap between the fjord and the massive Hordaland mountains is rather thin.

Inside however we are safe from the horrible weather and marauding trolls.

The building is very old, and used to house some of Bergen’s fishing industry. From what I gather that entails both the sales and refinement part of it. Maybe that is why we get the faint smell of salted fish on particularly rainy days?

It is however restored to modern standards, but several places you can still see the thick, dry planks of the original construction.

 Yeah… We didn’t clean up for this blog post.

 Here are some more work stations.

But, most importantly we have the “relaxation zone”. A Wii, PS2, Gamecube, SNES and a NES. And look: Zelda 😀


That’s all from the office for now.

It is my work office, but it sort of feels like home.

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