A Fright of Grues


We’ll be straight with you.

We like our mystique. Aight? Indiestatik recently called us “a curious enigma” (true story!) and we quite like the sound of that. But, we feel it’s time we reveal one of Tesla Tower’s darkest secrets. Ladies and gentlemen, the Grue.

This dude, right. This dude. Is it even a dude? We’re certainly not checking. The point is, this chompasaurus is ready to eat you if you get too close, so it’s certainly not advised to go head-to-head with these things as it’ll most likely result in you losing some vital limbs. But don’t despair, because while your glove might not be enough to put the Grue down, perhaps you’ll find something later on that will help you. At first, however, you will have to be content to run screaming in the other direction whenever you meet one.