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This videogame is officially also for the birds.

By now, you should all be pretty familiar with our old buddy Fernus, the mega-furnace of fiery anger. He is pretty comfortable with his place as your first major foe, but we have several other tricks up our sleeve. Meet the mechabird.
Now, is that his name? What’s his deal? The answer is, we don’t truly know. Teslagrad is a secretive beast, and even we haven’t fully unlocked all its riddles yet. But, serious up, just look at him. Whatever he’s up to, it can’t be good. Will he carry you away to a faraway land to feed you to his mecha-chicks? Will he keep you in his quite literal ribcage and declare you his very own maintenance worker, forcing you to keep all his components running for all eternity?

We just don’t know, friends. We just don’t know.

(PS, I know Peter has just posted about it, but you should totally vote for us. Just saying.)