To celebrate our ten years of making games, we have made a small summary of our games and character to see how it is all connected.

So today, we are exploring the world of Rain Games. We have so far produced three stand-alone titles and they are all in a shared universe. Now that Teslagrad 2 is on the horizon, let’s take a closer look at the universe created by Rain Games!


Our first game was Teslagrad. You play as the character Teslakid, and you are discovering the secrets kept in the long-abandoned Tesla Tower! In this world, tower magnetism and other electromagnetic powers will help you explore a non-linear tower and fight against the King and his men. Find out what has happened to the other teslamancers in the past! This event takes place in the country of Elektropia.

In Teslagrad, you collect scrolls that tell you about the past and creation of the modern world. On the scrolls 10, 11, and 12, you see the three major countries that are not Elektropia.  What kind of life do they live there?  

World to the West

World to the West is a standalone follow-up of Teslagrad. World to the West takes part several years after the events in Teslagrad. In World To The West, you are exploring……well, the world to the West of the Tesla Tower and Elektropia. In this adventure, you take control of four unique characters: Lumina the Teslamancer, Knaus the orphan, Miss Teri the mind-bender, and the gloriously mustachioed strongman, Lord Clonington—, each with their own motivations, skills, and interweaving storylines.

Lumina has ties with the Teslakid from Teslagrad and the land of Elektropia, but other than that, all characters are brand new and hail from different parts of the world. Knaus comes from the city of Motorland,  Miss Teri comes from the nation Mesmer, and Lord Clonington comes from Angloria.

A vast world of blue skies and dark caves awaits you in this 3D action-adventure as you try to unveil the mysteries of an ancient prophecy.


After the adventure to the West,  Miss Teri returns home to her homeland of Mesmer.

Mesmer. The pearl of the old world. At least it used to be…….. But the King has failed his people. He has turned his nation into a police state, And nothing is as it was.  It is up to Miss Teri to fight against the King and start a revolution. Gather what you can and gain enough followers to change the land and shape the future for the people of Mesmer.

Teslagrad 2

After the adventure to the West, Lumina returns to Elektropia and wants to explore more of the world and the history of the Teslamancer. What will she find when she explores the strange land of Wyrmheim in Teslagrad 2? 


The Grue is probably the most iconic monster of the setting. It is about the size of a grown man, and it’s capable of swallowing children whole. 

They have a preference for the dark, and they see perfectly even in complete darkness. They are predatory, and they will hunt both alone and in large packs. 

The grues’ vision is impaired in daylight conditions, though they are not entirely blind. 

Grues live in different parts of the world, and they somewhat change appearance based on where in the world they live. Some are bigger with small tails, and some have long tails. There even exist a variety of albino grues. These only travel in dark places and are truly blinded by light. They are also solitary hunters, but they are a little more dangerous than other grues in single combat.

Grues are somewhat single-minded and not the brightest of creatures. They can be tamed, though this is not without risk.

If there is enough food around, grues can grow to a monstrous size. This takes long to happen, but they can become large as a rhino, their appetite ever increasing. 

Ten years of Rain

Starting Today, we at Rain Games will celebrate ten years as a company! In those years, we have made several games that you fans have made a hit!

To celebrate this, we will have a week with an all-out sale on our games! We will also give you some new insight into the history of Rain Games.

For a starter, enjoy this brand new anniversary video for our games on PC!

Join the celebration! 🎊🎊

Exciting news! Girl Genius – Adventures In Castle Heterodyne is now on Backerkit!

Did you miss out on our successful Kickstarter campaign or do you want a higher tier reward? In Backerkit you can now choose from different tiers and purchase Add-ons to your Pledge tier. You can also pre-order items, for example a physical copy of the game for Nintendo Switch™.

Follow this link to support the Girl Genius – Adventures In Castle Heterodyne game development and get some nice stuff at the same time

This fantastic Artbook is an example of what you can add to your Pledge tier or pre-order!

As well as art produced during development, the Artbook will also contain a short story set in the Girl Genius™ universe, produced in full by Studio Foglio!

You can also pre-order a physical game copy for Nintendo Switch™ or PC. Neat!

Mesmer launch today!

After 3 long years we are finally releasing Mesmer on Steam, GoG and Utomic!

When you read this, Mesmer should already be for sale here:

To celebrate this, we are asking you all to send your screenshots to us on Twitter. Let’s see all the crazy situations you manage to get yourself into!
Answer to this tweet to make sure that everyone sees them:

We wish you all happy gaming!

Mesmer Demo is Now Available on Steam

A demo for our new title, Mesmer is now available on Steam! Experience the first two days of the social survival game and all the possibilities that can unfold!

Check it out here:

“After 3 years of development, Mesmer is nearly finally here and we wanted to give you a sneak peak before launch” Peter W. Meldahl – Rain Games CEO

Based in the same universe as Teslagrad, Mesmer is a new video-game style for the Rain Games team. Taking on the survival genre with their own twist, you’ll be able to build a revolution to revolt against a tyrannical king. All while building your influence with the citizens in a myriad of ways. 

Mesmer Release Date for PC Revealed!

Our new game Mesmer finally has a launch date for PC! The game will be hitting your screens on the 16th October for Steam, GOG, Utomik, and Humble Bundle.

Brand New Mesmer PC Release Trailer!

Mesmer is a social survival game, in which you take on the role of a revolutionary leader. You must be prepared as every action matters in this unique twist on the survival genre.. Each action moves the clock forward, and reaching the end of the day without enough influence with the people will lead to your demise.

Tension is building in the city of Mesmer. The citizens are displeased with their king, and his oppression has pushed them to their limits. Playing as Teri, you plan to use this tension to turn the citizens of Mesmer to your side and build a revolution strong enough to overthrow the king!

”I was asking a wealthy merchant for funding, as I had no other means to convince him, I agreed to do him a favor. It was his birthday the next day, and he was vexed that he wouldn’t have a cake to celebrate, as the bakery was on the other side of the police barricades. 

Lacking money for a bribe to get the needed pass, I decided to sneak over after curfew. Of course… This meant that the bakery was closed. So, I used a set of lockpicks to break in and found a suitable cake. Being rather large, cakes don’t go in the inventory but are instead carried in both hands. 

As I awkwardly tried to smuggle the cake back, the police spotted me and gave chase. I considered my grappling hook but didn’t want to drop the cake. After a short chase through the city, I was eventually arrested and brought in front of the chief of police. Still holding a huge birthday cake. 

I bribed him with the cake….” 
Peter W. M. – Rain Games CEO

Key Features:
– Deep, narrative-driven gameplay, where your choices matter
– An enticing blend of social manipulation, stealth, and riot gameplay
– Unique survival mechanics, where social influence is your main resource
– Leverage multiple social factions, each with their own goals
– Open world with multiple methods of traversal and world interaction (You can even ride a pig)
– Stealth gameplay when breaking the city’s curfews.
– Multiple endings based on your choices
– Alternate at will between WASD or click-based movement
– Female main protagonist

Mesmer is available to Wishlist now on Steam!

Girl Genius Comic-ception!

Read the Girl Genius Comics Within a Video Game with “Girl Genius: Adventures in Castle Heterodyne”

The Kickstarter for Girl Genius: Adventures in Castle Heterodyne is a new and exciting avenue for the Girl Genius comics and Studio Foglio. However, this isn’t just because the universe will be expanding to video games.

A new announcement from Rain Games has confirmed that If the Kickstarter for the video game is successful, players will also be able to dive deeper into the universe through a built-in comics reader in-game, including the entirety of the Girl Genius comics, for free.

Normally the comics for Girl Genius can be read physically or through a reader on the Girl Genius website, but this new video game feature allows for reading in-game on multiple platforms and devices.

So far “Girl Genius: Adventures in Castle Heterodyne” has only been confirmed for Nintendo Switch and PC, however, Kenneth from Rain Games says, “PC and Nintendo Switch will be our priority if the Kickstarter is successful, however It’s unlikely that we’ll stop there as Rain Games tend to release on as many platforms as possible”.

The comics reader will be provided through a partnership with InkyPen, a company that have created a subscription-based all-you-can-read comic and manga service on Nintendo Switch. The reader will also come with a ton of features included in InkyPen that allow for different reading experiences such as:

– Horizontal and Vertical ReadingToggles
– Scroll Mode and Snap Mode toggles
– Zooming
– Touch control (for applicable devices)

The Kickstarter for “Girl Genius: Adventures in Castle Heterodyne” is running right now at 93%, with 4 days left.

Shocking News! Teslagrad 2 is in Development

Teslagrad 2 is coming! The sequel to the critically acclaimed 2013 indie game, Teslagrad, has been confirmed to be in the works by Rain Games.

Much like its predecessor, Teslagrad 2 is set to be an exploration-based Metroidvania game with magnetic physics and will use the visual style that won the hearts of the players in the original.

“Teslagrad was our first game as an indie team and the response was amazing. From then on, fans have been asking us about a sequel, and it has never been far from my mind” Peter W. Meldahl at Rain Games

Teslagrad was a fresh experience in gaming with its magnetic physics based mechanics. Now Rain Games intends to take this experience up a level within the sequel, by sparking new life into the game with additions that will set it apart from the original.

“This game has been rattling at the back of my mind for 6 years while we’ve been working on our games, I’ve hoarded the best ideas from those years to use for Teslagrad 2” says Peter

Based in the unexplored region of Wyrmheim, the game’s design is set to be heavily based on the developers’ home of Norway. Viking carvings and Nordic runes are at the heart of Wyrmheim, shaping the environment from the foundation up.

Rain Games has gone into overdrive this year, working on 2 other titles alongside Teslagrad 2. With their new title, Mesmer, a very different game set in the same world, launching soon, as well as Kickstarting Girl Genius: Adventures in Castle Heterodyne! So much Steampunk!

“Girl Genius: AICH” for Nintendo Switch™

It’s confirmed!

We’re super excited to confirm that “Girl Genius: Adventures In Castle Heterodyne” is approved for development to Nintendo Switch™!

Boxart mockup: Don’t you just want to hold it in your hands?

The Kickstarter Campaign for “Girl Genius: AICH” is going well so far, and we’re very close to 50% funded with 17 days to go.

Please jump into the Kickstarter campaign to learn more about the game, and see the teaser trailer and video pitch for the game!

I’m doing a live interview with Gwen Frey on Twitch for ‘The Dialog Box‘ podcast on Saturday 19th of September at 18:00pm CEST / 12:00pm EDT / 09:00am PDT.

The interview will be available after the live event on ‘The Dialog Box’ podcast here, and the event will go live on Twitch here.

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