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It’s Teslagiving Season!

ss_d24531a096914e4dcbc01fa58aa3f2a819914892-1920x1080Thanksgiving is almost upon us, and Black Friday, Cyber Monday… well, wait, all these crazy sales have already started. Wherever you look, there is something pretty and shiny on discount trying to get your attention. Sometimes this is exciting, others… it’s a bit exhausting.

So how about doing something different? Instead of Thanksgiving, we propose you to join our Teslagiving season. Buy Teslagrad as a gift to someone special; someone who is going to enjoy the game and the universe behind it. A friend, a significant other, someone in your family, a co-worker. We have a few great opportunities:

80% off – Steam

80% off – Indie Gala

75% off – Microsoft Store

Choose yours, and happy Teslagiving!

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