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It is a big step for a small Indie company to leave the safe playground of PC gaming, and go out into the big- boy company arena of consoles.
We are happy to announce that Teslagrad is coming out for the PlayStation®3!
Like our general release we are aiming for this fall.

It has been pretty clear to us that Sony is doing it’s best to make us, and probably other indies too, feel welcome on their platforms.
We are glad we are using Unity as a game engine because this allows us a great flexibility in porting the game to different platforms, and we might have some other exciting news for you in the near future.

In other news we are doing really well on Greenlight. We just got up to 90th place today in total yes votes ever, joining company where many have been on the list for a long time. We will still need about twice as many votes to have a chance of getting greenlit, so we hope we keep enough wind in our sales to stand the race to the finish.

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Written by Peter

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