Teslagrad is part of Humble Jumbo Bundle 5, starting today!


The nice folks over at Humble are adding a second round of games to the lastest Jumbo Bundle, and we’re pleased to say that Teslagrad is one of the new featured games!!

We’ve always wanted to see the Teslakid drawn as one of those tiny little humble bundle characters, so we’re pleased to show off this:


We’re joining an impressive bundle of titles like Spintires, Divinity: Dragon Commander, Insurgency, Men of War: Assault Squad GOTY, Abyss Odyssey(Two Pack!),Contagion(Four Pack!), Blackguards 1 & 2, Citizens of Earth, Euro Truck Simulator 2 and A Story About My Uncle, so there’s no reason not to head over to the main Humble Bundle site to check it out!

Written by Ole Ivar Rudi

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One thought on “Teslagrad is part of Humble Jumbo Bundle 5, starting today!

  1. Hello,

    It’s an excellent news. I had the chance to playing Teslagrad on PC and this game is really good.
    I see on this website that a version on PS Vita is planned but there is no date on the French PSN (or maybe a box version).
    So have you an idea when this game will be available on PS Vita ?
    I’m sorry for my bad english.

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