Teslagrad is free with PlayStation Plus this month!


Great news everyone!

Teslagrad has the honor of being one of September’s free PS+ offerings, which means that PS+ members gets the PS3 and PS4 version as part of their Instant Game Collection! We hope this means that a lot of people who may not otherwise have played Teslagrad gets a chance to fall in love with it. Check out the rest of September’s PS+ offerings, including Xeodrifter, Super Time Force Ultra, La Mulana, Grow Home, Driveclub and Twisted Metal!

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Written by Ole Ivar Rudi

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2 thoughts on “Teslagrad is free with PlayStation Plus this month!

  1. Hello,

    That was good news and I started playing it on PS4 : excellent game. But then I started to think that I would enjoy it even more on my Vita.
    I saw on this official blog that a Vita version was planned but it’s still not on the French PSN.

    Is it just us or the game has been delayed ?

    • it’s still not released, but we’ll have some good news about the vita version shortly.

      porting to vita is tough, lenghty work but we’re ready to show it off soon!

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